Sneak peek of my next story – The End (working title)

So, I haven’t posted much in this past week. Haven’t written much either. Started a new job recently, and spent this past weekend out of town visiting family. Don’t know if it’s been that, or just a resurgence of my usual depressed ennui, but I’ve been finding it hard to get motivated. I still write at least a few pages every day, most of it utter dross, but I haven’t been able to do anything constructive in that area.

Still, in the spirit of chugging on like a suspiciously optimistic engine (I know it thinks it can, I just don’t think trains should attain sentience. That’s one step away from Skynet), I’ve started working on a story idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for a few months now (I only broke 3 vases, and they were kinda shit anyway). This is a bit of sneak peak. If the first 3 paragraphs don’t grab the attention of my readers then I’m not doing a good enough job.

Now, since brevity is the soul of wit, I’ve run out of aplomb, and with absolutely no more adieu I give you….

The End (working title): A Sneak Peek – By, E.W. Morrow

There were times, before all this happened, when I used to think that if somebody handed me the keys to the Apocalypse I’d turn the ignition and drive the world straight to Hell. Halfway down I’d roll down the window and flip the bird to all those poor bastards in Purgatory. Those dumb schmucks still struggling up the endless mountain towards the Light at the summit, not realizing that the end had already come and gone. Sorry boys, show’s over. You took too God-damned long.

Those were always my darkest moments. Usually alcohol was involved in some way or other. Not always. These days I generally don’t think like that. Not because I’ve suddenly come to appreciate the value of life in all its splendor, or because I’ve decided to stop drinking. I just stopped because it became pointless, redundant. Somebody beat me to the punch.

It wasn’t as sudden as I thought it would be, the end of the world. The very end was. The very end was sudden, and violent. We saw the light of those final moments all the way over here in middle America, half a world away. It was just an eerie glow in the night sky, but we saw it, and knew what it meant. Yeah, the end was sudden, but the whole thing was long, tense, and confusing. In hindsight there were signs even before anyone knew to look for them. To be fair they weren’t obvious. In the early days there no troop deployments, no mass suicides, no parades or slogans or prophets come down from the mountains. There were only dreams, and feelings, and glimpses of things in the corner of the eye that vanished as soon as you even thought of looking at them. The whole world held it’s breath and never stopped, and in the end we suffocated.


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