A simple request.

Hey everyone. I want to apologize for the relative dearth of new fiction on my blog these past few weeks.  I’ve been trying my best to have more polished pieces before I post anything. Rest assured that I have 2 stories very near ready for posting. I may not post one of them, since I think I might like to submit it for publication, but the other one will be up within the next few days or so.

Anyway, I have a request. From time to time I get a bit stuck on a story, a bit frustrated, and I like to move one, write a page or two of something else, something totally random, just to clear my head a bit. Other times I will start the day with something new before moving on to editing or rewriting.

So here’s my request: give me something simple, something mundane, and I will try to make it scary. It can be a location, a physical quirk, an item of clothing, a common errand, anything like that. I will write a short, flash fiction piece based upon the idea you submit. (if you read my last piece of flash “Ring Finger”, it will be like that.)

Obviously I’m more than capable of coming up with these myself, but then I’m more apt to change my mind, to try out a dozen different ideas in the space of a few minutes without constraining myself to just one, so it’s not as challenging. SO! To reiterate, give me something mundane and I’ll make it scary.

Also, if you can, try to make it something that isn’t already kinda creepy. So, like, not “going to the dentist” or “Ice cream truck” or “a furby” . Those are, in my mind, too easy.

Thanks in advance. And I should have a complete story up by the end of this weekend, and I think it’s pretty durn scary.



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