Back from hiatus.

Hey all. Forget about me yet? I hope not. I know I haven’t had all that much to post lately, what with the holidays and working my fingers to the bone. I’ve not been very good about getting words down on paper. But, with any luck, I will have some fiction to post either later tonight or tomorrow, Sunday at the latest.

My mind’s kind of in a weird place right now. Haven’t been sleeping well, for starters. I may not get kept on past season at work and I’m not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, it’s not exactly my dream job. Minimum wage, crappy hours, stupid customers. The whole shebang. But on the other hand it’s my only prospect for cash these days, and eventually I have to just buckle down, deal with the crap, and figure out a way to extract myself as gracefully as possible.

In other words, both of my metaphorical hands are full right now and it’s making it hard to hold a pencil. I’m gonna do my best to finish the story I’m working on tonight and then decide whether or not I want to post it as is or do some revisions.

BUT! Before I do that, I wanted to give you something to look at, to think about, while you are waiting. Just a couple of links to things that I’ve been reading/listening to lately. Some of the things are new, while others are things I’d forgotten about and recently found again. All of them are horror themed, but not all of them are serious.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream – by Harlan Ellison

Hooo boy. This story is….messed up. I’d heard about this story years ago and never could find it online, and then yesterday I stumbled across it while browsing some of my writing resources online. It’s pretty old (1968 I believe), and it shows in some ways. Namely the cultural references (the Cold War plays a pretty big deal, the fear of an arms race going too far). It’s Sci-Fi horror which you may or may not remember is something I love. And…well, I don’t want to ruin it by saying any more. Just know that it features some pretty twisted images, some foul language and some sexual themes. Nothing above R-rated though. So take it as you will.

The Devil’s Train – by The Lab Rats

I have a fascination with witty, “alternative” rap. Nerdcore, rap comedy, you name it. This is a good rap about a creepy train, a cursed family legacy, and Faustian temptation. It is also a music video. I’d recommend actually watching the video, since it has some creepy images, but bear in mind that the artists’ talents lie more in the songwriting than in physical presentation (awkward motions are….awkward).

Creepy Doll – by Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton is pretty freaking hilarious. If you’ve ever played the video game Portal, he’s the guy that wrote the song at the end. Anyway, this song is less funny and more creepy, and it’s almost perfect. I just hate the chorus. It’s so…grating and detracts from the tone of the piece, but it’s still wonderful. The kind of succinct story with a knockout full circle ending that I love reading.

I had a few more links but I can’t seem to find them. I have forgotten the searches I did to find them and my browser is apparently set up to delete my history every time I close it (along with a lot of cookies). So, if I find them I’ll post them later, but I don’t intend to put much effort into finding them. Gonna try to get back to writing now that I’ve had a bit of a diversion.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the long silence. Let’s see if we can’t do something about that.


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