Possible ideas for the future.

Hey all. As always, sorry for the gap between posts. I have a story to put up today, but I’m going to keep that post separate from this one. This is a sort of announcement/voting post and I thought it deserved it’s own space.

So, for those of you who either A) don’t know me, or B) haven’t picked up on the fact from my posts, I have a pretty extensive background in theatre and performance. It’s what I’m certified to teach, and it’s something that I love. Going from that, I think I’ve decided to make audio recordings of some of my stories. Just for fun, to test out how I do, learn some stuff, maybe even create a catalog of work for breaking into voice acting some day. I dunno, not thinking that far ahead just yet.

So, that being said, are there any stories you’d like to hear read to you? Any stories you think would be improved by a vocal performance. I’m already thinking I’ll start with “Human Resources”, but if there’s others people would like to hear, I’d love to find that out.

Anyway, let me know. I’m still doing research into recording software and audio file embedding, so it won’t be for a while yet (a few weeks, maybe) until I start. Just thought it’d be a fun little idea to expand my hobby.

-E W


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