April Plans

Short post today. Basically, I want to let anyone who reads my blog regularly know a few things about the coming month.

I know I’m not the best at posting regularly, so in the month of April, I plan to post something every day on my blog. It won’t always be fiction. I’m not doing another November writing challenge. But I do intend to post something fairly substantial every day. Maybe a revision of a past story, an interesting bit of flash that I wrote on the fly, an in depth review of a book/movie, or just a nerdy rant of some kind. Expect lots of outside links, silly humor, and, hopefully, compelling entertainment.

As you may, or may not, know, I’m pretty big into Horror (seriously, if you don’t know this by now you should really read…..anything I’ve posted in the past), so a lot of the posts will deal with that genre (i.e. reviews of horror movies/books/games, discussions about common horror tropes, etc…), but it won’t be all I talk about. I’ll talk about fantasy, sci-fi, super heroes, comedy, music. Whatever I want.

The only promise I make is that each post will be entertaining in some way. I want to work on incorporating various forms of media into my blog. Expect to see pictures, links to articles, sound bytes/song clips, and anything else I can think of to make my blog as fun and entertaining as I can. I’m hoping that by establishing a regimen I can overcome my own ingrained laziness and get to work on creating something I can be proud of.

Anyway, this is the first day’s post. Let’s see if I can keep this going.


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